Portraiture Art

Portrait of Sarah Jempson

Sarah Jemspon

To commission fine art piece is an enjoyable and exciting experience. Especially so in the case of portraiture art.

Whether you commission a portrait of yourself or your loved ones, the resulting work of art will be with you for years and years to come, giving joy and radiating the love which you and the artist invested into it. Even more, apart from the sentimental value, a family portrait is a cultural and financial legacy for the generations to come.

On this website, I have put together the results of my past 10 years of working on commissioned portraits. I hope the information gathered inspires you to give yourself or someone you cherish this unique gift.

Commission portrait painting by portrait artist Marina Kim. Portrait of a Boy.


To me the process of painting a portrait is immensely satisfying.

I feel that I become in a way a channel for the client, translating their sentiments of love into a visual form.

If a portrait art commission is something you are contemplating, simply contact me to discuss your ideas.